Lassi Shop, West Mambalam

This week has kept me busy and I was not at all travelling for the past 46 days out of Chennai except for the family function part to Karaikal & Nagapattinam. I still found time to eat at a few places and I would say I was foodily lucky. I was contacted by the Instagram account of Lassi shop West Mambalam and they invited me to try it out. It was barely a week and I had already tried their outlet at Mylapore (near Valluvar Silai bus stop)!

Raghav (male friend!) and I, set out to the place yesterday evening and the Google maps showed us the wrong place!(uff! Why this time Google!). We called to one of the numbers and got our way to the place. It was near the Sri Krishna Sweets at the jucntion of Arya Gowda Road and Bridavan Street.

That guy who is peeping in the camera from afar is raghav and the red tee guy is one of the owners of the outlet. It’s a decent locality and they have space for about 15-20 people. They do offer take-aways and are quick in the delivery.

In addition to the lassi’s, smoothie’s they also have fries and sandwiches (starting from today). It’s a wholesome snack bar or something to say might be your snacks out place with friends. They have 2 staff to prepare the orders and 2 others to manage the bookings.

This is how their kitchen looks. The yellow tee guy is already friends with some customers from the T. Nagar outlet that was apparently shut down recently (I don’t know how!).

Mayo Fries – INR 70/-

To our dismay, Peri Peri fries weren’t available! I don’t know what it is or how it would taste, but yet wanted to try! Hope that I shall get it next time. We ordered the Mayo one as we know how plain fries and masala fries would taste (to an extent!) The wait was around 10-15 mins and it came to us.

Please bear the pic and that’s us with the Mayo fries. In my word I would say bangostraha. It was good with the slices of carrots amd corainder leaves sprinkled over the Mayo spreads. The fries were the usual but the extras made it taste great and I m sure I had more than Raghav. Meanwhile one other friend joined us with CoCo but she did not have any!

This is the close-up of the Mayo fries. Hang on till the last where you get a mention about CoCo. Pricey but okay.

Kesar Falooda – INR 70/-

Dry fruits are always great and with a high amount of cashew, dry grapes, badam, pista you are sure to get rocked (IYKWIM!) The ice cream inside, the semiya that gave the effect of payasam and finally these dry fruits made an awesome mix and it was great! No need of further explanations as you are sure to get stunned! Go try this for sure. The glass is tall and it can very well take 2 people, hey but no sharing with Faloodas! Not good for friendships. Don’t mix falooda with friendship. Just don’t!

Mango Lassi at INR 40/- was great at pricing and I m sure you guys can ask Raghav how it was. I just took a pic and had a sip! I got reminded of the kachcha mango bite ad and it did really taste like that! Try it at your risk.

That’s CoCo with the owner (Pavithra). CoCo didn’t have any but just gave us his presence.

That’s us with the owner of the outlet. I wanted to take a video of one of the items in the menu but he did explained to me the effects and apologised lot of times for not allowing. Kind! Visit this outlet and let me know how it is. Expecting your comments in this blog. Thank You! Support me as usual and do comment what next to try.

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