Hotel Raman, Karaikal

The trip to Nagapattinam shouldn’t end without a meet with my Facebook friend Ragavendran and he is in Karaikal. It’s about 45 minutes from Nagapattinam. I went in a PSRTC bus and roamed around the union territory with him in his scooty streak!

It was great. We talked and talked and talked. Lots of information, comedies, tragedies, etc. I already had a heavy lunch at Karpagam Veg ( and I have to board the train back to Chennai from Karaikal at 9 PM. I wanted to have light dinner but we ended up with the following at Hotel Raman, vegetarian. It’s just opposite to the main bus stand and had a great review from him. He infact knows the owner of the outlet and I think he is a regular visitor to the place. I will tag him in the Facebook post. Do follow his writings in Tamil. A great philosopher in the making.

1. Panner 65 – INR 100/-

Oh Wow! I m here again to taste the everlasting love for Paneer. This was just out of the world. To be frank, I never expected this much from this hotel and it has lot of pieces to complete. Obviously, I ate more than him and I couldn’t resist. The thoughts that I have to catch the train had all vanished and I was just enjoying my Paneer. Before we could complete this, the next item of the day was served and we still ate paneer in between that too! Paneer naale thinpom moments. Must try if you are a Paneer lover.

2. Veg Lappai – INR 60/-

This is the paper kappal shaped parota-ish maida thingy that had a great size and lots of masala inside it. It even comes with a side-dish Channa Masala. This is the first time I am trying this dish and I haven’t heard this before. I heard Veechu, Kaima, etc but not Lappai. Literally theri on my plate. Totally flattered! Must try and heavily dope-ily recommended. After my experience with this, Ragavendran who was eating chapathi, ordered this too and gave an awesome review.

This is the amount of masala inside the Lappai. I can hear you and yes I am coming back to the Saravana Bhavan scandal! Refer to my previous posts for the same (:P). Extra masala on call is also available here.

The A/C hall was great and had a pleasant environment. Totally suited for people who want privacy^infinity. They have the non A/C hall beneath this and a specialised area for snacks too. Kudos guys. Great job.

This is the full menu and I m sure it’s affordable (mostly). It’s a great place to dine with your family and friends. Do enjoy and let me know after trying it out.

That’s the bill and I paid it. GST is included in the menu and not exclusive as some so-called-big-hotels-that-are-actually-thanda karumantharams do. Winded up the dinner with plain hot milk that costed INR 15/-. Off to the station to catch the train.

That’s me lingering with a piece of Paneer 65. See you guys on the next blog and bye for now. Take care.

Thank You!

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