Hotel Karpagam (Veg), Nagapattinam

Hi there people. Back again after Feb 26! This is the 1st aanmeega payanam of 2018 and I went with my family to Thirunallar, Sikkal, Velankanni, Nagore, Karaikal, etc. The trip was great with all the koil Ku pona ena nadakumo athe nadanthuche cliches. After finishing our Velankanni visit, we wanted to have lunch. Our driver suggested to return back to Nagapattinam and visit Karpagam hotel that’s famous there. We are back at the hotel.

It’s vegetarian and had a neat look inside. It should very well accommodate about 25 at a time. They have the train timings displayed near the counter, which might be of a great help to the tourists.

No tokens and you are directly given the banana leaf and water. Clean it and you are ready to start!

They serve raitha – similar to the joker batsman whom we persuade a small kid in our childhood to do the wicket keeping, fielding and allowing him to play batting for both sides (sometimes finishing the match even before he gets to bat)!

Kootu – That’s the famous dish people say it’s a wholesome one but that’s a wholesome lie. Laziness to do other dishes make way for us to do the kootu. It tasted good here with 2/3 “once more please” for the Sambhar and rasam rice.

Ladies Finger curry – With onions and some coconut thuruvals, this is the 1st time I am having ladies finger like this. This was great. The once more episode ran here too!

Sambhar is always the 1st of the 3 main rice journeys you take with a banana leaf. It’s heavy and loaded with small onions, drumsticks (for that purpose), tomatoes, carrots, etc. After the Sambhar is served and your pizhanju saptufy, appalam is served. That my boy, makes a great pair! D. O. P. E pair infact! It tasted great here and I was the last one to complete.

Rasam makes way for the curd rice by clearing all the particles held along the food pipe and eventually serving as a medicine for common cold. It’s medically proven in Neeya Naana, oh no sorry Mersal. Try once and you won’t regret!

Curd is the secret of my energy, said no one ever. But still I one of those who cannot do without a curd rice. It’s very tough. You can find traces of Curry and Kootu making way as my side dish until the curd rice section of the lunch. I finally completed all the items served, borrowed some rice from my neighbour (though extra rice is allowed here) and winded up my lunch.

No GST and it’s INR 65/- per meals. This is cool for the quantity offered! Must try whenever you come to Nagapattinam. They also have another canteen like outlet adjacent to this place for breakfast, evening snacks – tiffin items. Do try them if possible.

Thank you for the patience! I hope to upload 1 post every week and not delay it. Hope I don’t disappoint you!

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