Venkteshwara Boli Stall, West Mambalam

Hi there people. I m back again with another blog here and this time it’s our famous boli stall – Venkteshwara. Rightly situated on Arya Gowda road near the Murugan Idly. The one on the Thambiah road is also one of the branches and that was the one started 1st I suppose.

Make sure to get the right spelling and there is no A after the K. It’s just Venkteshwara. This is your source for all snacks cheap. Yes you got it right. You can finish your snacks with INR 50/- including a coffee. Best hangout place for crowds and this is the place to treat your friends without having to mind the bill. Easy treats and happier tummies.

The place was recently renovated and chat items too we’re included. You cannot expect the blue-uniformed servers/staff to help unless you protrude yourself and get your hands raised to tell the order. People keep pouring in from all corners of Chennai when they visit T. Nagar or West Mambalam. The shop is rarely free of visitors. Mind this.

It was a Saturday and I had to go out with my office colleague for a client meet and after the work we headed here so that I can catch a bus home. We were in among the crowd and eagerly awaited the best masala boli!

Why eat only the boli when you have samosa and vegetable puff to accompany. The Masala Boli/kara boli costed INR 8/-. That is a marginal increase from INR 6/-. I had when I was working at Studio 31, say around 2016 and early 2017. Ok that’s fine. This is the best that I have ever had in this price range. As far as I have heard, this is the only place that sells boli at 8! Nothing else. Hands down the best! You can gulp in how many ever you want provided you are in-line with the staff and they are churning out more and more in the kitchen.

The Samosa is the next best as the 2nd dish that comes to your mind after you hear the word chat. 1st is obviously the Pani Puri or gol gappas. It costed INR 6/-. Wow! Thought not hottest as the you-are-hot scene in VTV, this was good. When the price is well below your range and you know it definitely fits the bill, you don’t mind the taste 100%. If it’s good, you are fine! No sauce needed. I ate it in one go.

Finally, the Vegetable Puff. This was the costliest in the bill at INR 15/-. This was okayish but still the taste of boli didn’t seem to leave me as did the I m the hero & I m the  villain scene from Vishwaroopam. I had another boli to wind up and paid the bill. It costed INR 60/- for 2 people. Project it for how many ever treats you want to give and you can still find you wallet having a balance! Ting!

It was a great moment and ofcourse nostalgic with all the wonders I performed at Studio 31 and the team. Must try whenever you are in and around T Nagar. Let me know after you try by commenting below.

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