Chikkanna Tiffin Room, Seshadripuram

Sorry people. I have gone back to 2017 to complete this one article I left out on my Bengaluru trip (Dec 2017). This is where I went to celebrate Thalaivar Rajnikanth’s B’day (:p). Started in 1965, I was sure that they would have set things well and that there would be no room for error. I was right.

That was my 1st day in Bengaluru and I had completed my official visits and wanted to try this place that was close to my stay. Surprisingly 2/3 people whom I enquired about the place didn’t knew it existed. One guy who was the security of an ATM told me the directions and I went to the place. I am lucky.

1. Bath Masala – INR 65/-

Bath Masala caught my eye and I was sure to try this at any cost. It’s actually a Masala Dosai that has rice in it. The rice was veg biryani kinda and the dish is for people who want both tiffin and rice. That’s is they can do both (:P). This completely blows your tummy and I am sure you no longer can take another one. This is such a gem though it looks awkward-ish from the outside. You can eat both the dosai and the rice simultaneously or you can eat it one after the other. Sambhar is not provided and the Chutney goes well with this. Recommended highly.

2. Coffee – INR 10/-

Can you get high of marijuana for 10 bucks ? Yes you can. The high that coffee lovers get after the sip is something that cannot be put into words. Even Shakespeare changed Hamlet’s ending after he was offered a coffee (:P!) Right quantity for this price and the taste made this the complete finisher to the day.

The items available are listed in the above picture. Do try out when you find time. I shall share the location at the end. The bill came to INR 75/- and GST was included in the cost and not charged extra. Kudos for this too! See you again in the next blog.

Thank you guys for the massive response to the site and I hope I shall keep growing post by post.



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Typed in Pixel 2 but photos in OnePlus 3T

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