Sri Balaji Bhavan, Srirangam

It’s 2018 and I have not gone out of Chennai. Finally I gathered some courage to go out of the city to a place that I have been visiting once a year during my childhood and it has some fine memories etched ranging from the tamil movie Friends to the Seakings Icecreams.

My paternal relatives are based out of Lalgudi (Ariyur – to be more precise) and they have settled in Srirangam. I have never tried this particular outlet and it’s present inside the premises of my dear friend Sridhar’s hotel. We became close through facebook. Thanks Mark! My 4 day official trip to trichy winded up with a dinner and a lot of talks on GST, DMK, Modi, Jaitley and so on.


That’s the restaurant inside the premises of Hotel Sri Hayagriva.

  1. Baby Corn 65 – INR 70/-


This is hands down the best baby corn 65 you can ever have. I literally had no expectations on this guy here, but boy I was totally wrong. This just blew me up. Though we thought to share this, I am 100% sure I ate more than him. This is easily the best starter for the dinner. Heavily recommended! Cheap too.

2. Veg Pulav – INR 60/-


Though there are different spellings for this item – pulao, pulav, etc., I don’t want to go on those lines. This cheaper brother of Veg biryani went well with the baby corn 65 as well as the onion raitha. The amount was good enough for both of us to share and it tasted great. The spiciness was to the point and more importantly the dishes were well cooked. Recommended!

3. Mini Podi Idly – INR 30/-


It had 6 nos. They were completely dipped in the podi and came with 2 chutneys – coconut & tomato and of course the sambhar. The sambhared podi idli tasted blissful. I even ordered another plate and Sridhar too tried. Dope! Must try! For the price, it’s more than you could ask for. No complaints.


That’s me and him after the dinner in front of the Hotel Sri Hayagriva Reception, also the security with a Veerappan-ised moustache. Sridhar hosted me that eve and paid the bill too. It came around INR 260/- and NO GST! WOW!


Try both the places when you are in Srirangam and you won’t regret it. Subscribe me for future posts and stay tuned for the next one soon.

Thank you for the support.



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2 Comments Add yours

  1. SudsEats says:

    The idli podi looks great. Excellent moustache on the old man.

    1. MS says:

      Thanks man. Hope you read the others and comment how it is 🙂

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