Arusuvai Arasu Caterers, T. Nagar

The name Arusuvai Arasu dates back to my memories with Mayajaal where they had an outlet and I was happily munching my Masala Dosai before going to one of the Harry Potter films with my family. It’s a get-together after my uncle returned from Singapore for a vacation.

They do catering service for wedding and they do it real good. They do it with utmost care and ensure the satisfaction of the customers. I even read in papers that Ms. Soundarya Rajinikanth’s wedding were done by them. Such was their reputation and quality. I generally like people who put customer before everything and totally commit themselves to it.

One of my office colleagues handed over an invite to me and said that catering Arusuvai Arasu than book panirkom, kandippa vanthuru. Knowing my penchant for food and namala pathi veliya engayum visarichingla moments I couldn’t refuse it. I did go, not only for the reception but also for their wedding. Double dhamaka!

Raja Badar Street will always ring in every saloon’s radio that has Suryan FM running. The ad of Rathna Stores will be played for like 30-40 times in 30 mins. Oh god! What a repeated marketing is this.


Just look at the picture above. This is the round 1 of the session. I had other variety rices above these. Damn! They are mind blowing. You get drooled over every bit of the serve here. You cannot ignore even one. In fact you don’t know what to eat and what not to eat and what to leave and what’s a must try. I had excess Paneer Butter masala that I had to finish it off with the Adai. Vegetable Biryani scandal was obviously present and it went on with the raitha.

Rumali Roti (3 nos) went well with the paneer and the chapati went well with the Malai Kofta. Kaju Pista Roll was excellent and so was the Kuzhi Paniyaram. Malai kofta is captured below. Take note.

Bissi Bela bath, rasam rice and the curd rice were all rightly mixed and served very hot. The avial went well with the appalam and I had very little time to wind up the pandhi as the guy in the next batch kept staring me like Tamilisai starred H. Raja. I felt uncomfortable and left the vazhai ilai with a heavy heart.

The supervisor there stood near me so that I shouldn’t waste my energy shouting for the dishes. He made sure that I got everything within 75 seconds of the need.

Wedding (Breakfast only):

My Manager asked me to give him company for the morning session and there I am, clicking pictures of the items and greeting the same supervisor with an evilish smile. The picture above is incomplete. The badam halwa was the best-est ever I would taste in my life. It was marvelous.

14 idly with sambhar, idly, Pongal, poori and Masala Dosai. The amount of masala in the dosai has put Saravana Bhavan to shame. See it for yourselves. People who have been eating there would understand my situation. It’s disgusting to again speak about Saravana Bhavan.

I wantedly placed the cashew above the Pongal and took this picture. This will be my wallpaper in some time. I liked this Pongal a lot as this did not have much milagu that you have to look into the Pongal and separate it. Gulped it totally in about less than 3 minutes and asked for extra dosai, Vadai, Pongal.

I thought for stay for the lunch but my manager wanted from leave to office. He wanted me also to accompany him. I felt saddened and destroyed. Sorry guys. Next time an Arusuvai Arasu Catering invite comes to me, I will make sure that I eat the muhurtham lunch.

Thank you for the support. See you again in a different post.

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  1. Goforbg says:

    Looks so yummy!

    1. MS says:

      Pics or the post ? 😂

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