Sri Sasthalaya Catering Service, Narada Gana Sabha, TTK Road

Margazhi Kutchery season has started and all the leading sabhas of chennai are filled with loads and loads of Maamas and Maamis trying hard to get the tickets for their favourite Carnatic musician’s show and also to have their tummies filled with Politics and Music and of course the food from the caterers. Caterers make the most out of the season and sometimes there is a huge crowd to try the dishes than to see the show. Yes it’s true!

One such was Sasthalaya. It’s 1 Jan 2018 and one of my neighbours Shravan told me its the last day for them and if possible we can try them the same evening. Itha vida vera ena venum oru manushanuku moment started right there. Athan Kadavul.


*The poser here* it was a sudden click. The catering service was put up exactly inside the Narada Gana Sabha complex, Alwarpet. Easy to reach from my place as its just a 15 minute walk.

  1. Makan Peda – INR 30/-


Its the Gulab Jamun that’s expanded just got hit by something on 2 sides (Oh wait, the circle doesn’t have a side). Ok any face (sorry I don’t know. Some Ramanujam help me). It has some parts being made from the peda and it was great. Price is slightly on the higher side, but that’s fine.

2. Asoka Halwa – INR 50/-


I haven’t tasted Asoka Halwa in a long time and it was a great start for the year 2018. Totally in love with this small cup and a big spoonful of halwa. There was no counterpart for this. Must try here. Do it the next season. Don’t mind the quantity but enjoy it.

3. Keerai Vadai – INR 50/-


The plate had 2 nos. It was crispier and had the exact spiciness as I expected. With the Chutneys and Sambhar, you can get Keerai-ed away. This is great. Price is a bit in the higher side.

4. Masal Dosai – INR 80/-


Finally my favourite from the Bengaluru episode of Dec 2017. It was okayish and had the crispiness to some extent. Went on well with the sambhar amd the 2 chutneys. Definitely overpriced!

Attaching the bill here. GST wasn’t extra, I think this is already GST-ished. A good evening to spend here with my neighbour. I should probably try the breakfast next time.


See what came as a bonus in my spoon..


Thank you for the constant support for the blog. I have started a new one for movies and music here with my cousin ( Expect your support there too. See you again in the next blog.


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