Food Nirvana, RA Puram


When an unusual person says a good thing about your blog, that’s when you realise that there are some nallavanga irukanga .. namma kannuku than therla! There is a great amount of positivism that exists around us but we don’t get to see it. I think that’s enough philosophy for the day (:P). Let’s get to the business.

Food Nirvana was in my list but I had saved it for the best event and bang. Here we are for the Family Dinner of 2017. What a great evening it was 🙂 Full of fun with cousins and the mama’s & mami’s. This was our dinner after a long time. Thoroughly enjoyed it to the core.

  1. Dragon Paneer – INR 210/-


Ya you guessed it right. Time to complete the year with some paneer. The final round of 2017 for paneer. I had it with tears in my eyes that I can eat paneer only next year, that was a week away. I missed him after the plate got empty. Oh My God! Great dish recommended by cousins and completed by cousins. Worth it!

2. Cauliflower Manchurian – INR 180/-


Look what they have done here. They don’t even call it Gobi Manchurian. #GobiRacists these people are. Leaving aside the scandal thingy, this would always be on my list no matter wherever I dine. This is like that one chair that has all the clothes. Though doesn’t serve the purpose, it has to be there no matter what. Recommended but costly.

3. Nirvana Special Biryani – INR 260/-


What else does a vegetarian explore with the rice masalas and vegetables. It’s biryani again. True to its name, it stood for the taste and I would highly recommend this here. Something is special in it and you can experience it here. Price is engineering guy’s arrears high.

4. Masala Kulcha – INR 90/-


The best ever Masala Kulcha I have ever had. Period! It had all the items to fully pack itself comfortably into your tummy, but I had to make space for the other dishes and I ate it all by myself. Totally worth it but pricey though.

5. Malabar Paratha – INR 60/-


Trying this for the first time. I was sceptical about it initially because Malabar has a coconut flavour to it. This was good and I had it with the side dishes we ordered. Recommended.

6. Paneer Tikka Butter Masala – INR 290/-


Another paneer side dish for the kulcha and the biryani. We were on a roll and started eating everything that came to us from any side of the table. This was the best one to get along with kulcha, biryani, paratha and the pulao (I just tasted it but the guys on the other end ordered it). Highly recommended here. Please see the picture below to find myself taking a click with the to-be-sent-to-my-heart thing.


7. Bhindi Do Pyaza – INR 230/-


The form of bhindi that I had not tried so many times and here it was. Cool dish that’s dry and goes well with the biryani and pulao. The quantity seemed little for us, but we managed to get through. Price is on the higher side.

8. Carrot Halwa – INR 95/-


Totally in love with this sweet and as recommended by my cousin, I had this. This is the ultimate bliss to end your dinner. It just glides into your throat as the cherry that’s on the Mango Italian Fiesta Ice-Cream cake from the Ibaco does. Quantity is less for the price. Damn!

We had a lot more than this. I shall attach the pictures of it and also the bill with GST(5%). Thank you peeps for the uninterrupted support and I shall soon move to videos too. Signing off with this here.

Thank You. Good Day.

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