Annapoorani, Indiranagar

As a part of my marketing related oor suthing of  Bengaluru, I had to go to Indiranagar to visit 4 clients. Fortunately, it was Vignesh’s work place. He lived just minutes away from the metro and suggested this place for lunch.

Kumbakonam style Da .. tamizh la than pesuvanga waiters lam .. inga kandippa try Panu ..

That’s it. I am there!

1. Bullet Idly – INR 70/-

Caught at first sight with the name. Yes it’s called bullet Idly. Vignesh had just finished his lunch and was waiting for me outside his office. I met him and we came to the place. I didn’t want to have a full South Indian meal, though it would have been great. I wanted to wind up with a tiffin and a coffee. I couldn’t count the number of idlis, as I was busy talking with him.

I ordered this and it was kinda half dipped in sambhar. The chinna vengayams were the size of the then mittais. They were too big. Served with the 2 chutneys – coconut and tomato, I fell in love with the tomato chutney. My god. I survived without these for a freaking 20 days. Finally you get it! It’s Dope! Extra sambhar and extra tomato chutney (for sure). Must try. Especially for the Tamil Nadu style sambhar and chutney.

2. Hot Jamoon – INR 65/-

This was another suggestion by Vignesh. He is overflowing with suggestions. Please do approach him if you are in Bengaluru. He knows it in and out. We ordered 2 and he completed it quickly. I took photos that are to be safeguarded in my cloud and then started to have it. Oh My God! You can eat your heart out. This was so drooling and worth trying. Anytime of the day you can have a Jamoon. Tick your checkboxes for this item here once you are in Indiranagar.

The bill came to around INR 210/- and Vignesh paid it. I am lucky again for having friends who sponsor lunch/dinner. Thank you God.

I have finally completed my Bengaluru series and now starting with Chennai again. Up next is Food Nirvana. Stay tuned.

Happy New Year 2018 to all of you. Hope I post more and you eat more.

I am sure this hurts more than a break-up. Please let me know in the comments below foodies.

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All the clicks are now from Pixel 2 which is my new addition to the blog thing. The hashtag changes to #Pixel2ed.

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