MTR, Lalbagh

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With an intro by Vignesh (see MTR, Indiranagar post), Anirudh and I came to know each and he wanted me to try out the Lunch at Mavalli Tiffin Room’s main branch – Lalbagh. It’s interesting to note that they started out in 1924 and is running classy until this date. Totally vegetarian and the taste speaks volumes of their service and dedication.

They claim to have invented the little brother of Idli, who is another famous item in Karnataka – Rava Idli. This is created because they couldn’t make Idlis due to the short supply of rice during World War 2. That’s just wow. See the picture below. People wait here in queue and then get the token for the Lunch and experience it. Worth the wait.

We reached the Lalbagh outlet at 12 PM. It opens at 12.30 PM. Anirudh introduced me to Narendran in the mean time and we chatted for about 20 mins and positioned ourselves outside the gate to enter 1st to get the tokens. This was a clever trick by Anirudh. He grabbed the cashier and stood 1st in the queue. Gave the money and got 3 tokens. Meanwhile the other 2 of us started taking the stairs to reach the 1st floor.

The meal costs INR 250/- per token. Unlimited. Yes you heard it right. Every miniscule of the water droplet to the mustard in the pickle, it’s unlimited.

We were asked to wait outside the hall as the cleaning works were going on. The above picture is the waiting area. Once the door opened we took a cornered table and sat for discussion.

They started to serve us. We were so eager to get our hands on the lunch as the name MTR is enough to give you goosebumps.

Grape Juice as the welcome drink was out of the world. It had solid grapy taste to it and very minimal water mixed in it.

Semaiya payasatha potra vendithan moment. As usual it was good.

This is called Saahu. Its an altered version of Kurma that you get for Chapathi and Parotta in TN. It was a bit on the sugary side to me.

Masala Dosai MTR lunch version.

This was smaller than the usual size but tasted as the usual one. Unwilling to move, we went for a few more rounds with Anirudh closing the maximum numbers. The usual green a.k.a great chutney is it’s side dish. Needn’t mention about their dosa. Bliss maximised.

When rice is involved, there must a vegetable side dish so as to balance the diet. This was it. Tasted good.

Pooris are always a fascination because of it’s bussnu iruku la feel. They served us this inspite of the dosa involvement. This went on well with the Saahu.

Boli/Poli with ghee. Wow! The penchant for ghee with MTR is fabulous. They pour in how much ever you want. You can get Gheed only here in Bangalore. Boli tasted great and I loved it.

Hero of the day is of course Bissibela Bath. Give me Bissibela Bath and potato fry anytime of the day, I shall surrender. I love this combo so much that you can ask for impossible favours and I shall do it for you (:P). Except the potato fry it was the vegetable shown in picture above poori. Nevertheless, Bissibela Bath was just mind blowing. Another drawback in Bangalore is that they serve onion raitha for pongal & Bissibela Bath. That’s one thing you have to keep in mind.

Another set of sides for the rice. This usually goes well all alone and I asked for it twice.

Vegetable pulao to help you curb the biryani scandal. Tasted good.

White rice that just got wet in Sambhar. This was a little different than the Sambhar you get for the dosas, tasted good though.

Rasam is the best medicine for Dry Cold. It’s clinically proven and cinematically verified. If you don’t believe me, go check Google.

In the meantime, I forgot to take a pic of the chilly bajji served. See it here. No words, just great.

To end up the meal after a humongous task is definitely tough. But we had to. So I finished it with curd rice and extra pickle. The Fruit salad (with Ice-Cream) and beeda were also given once the curd rice was served. I gave mine to Anirudh. You must go for eating with him once. He is a voracious eater and a great company for foodies. Thanks man.

Finally made our minds to walk out of the place and start to see the IND VS SL match that noon at Anirudh’s place. It was a great experience. Totally justified by the unlimited tag MTR gave to their lunch. Kudos people.

All the pics are clicked in Pixel 2. Let me know how it is in the comments below. Thank you again for your continuous support.

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