Shri Sagar (C. T. R), Malleshwaram

After a short stint in Chennai, I was about to have my next trip scheduled to Bhubaneswar, but because of some unavoidable reasons, it came back to Bengaluru. Wow! I m going to love this. When my TL asked me to prepare for the 2 week stay in the land of பெண்கள்ஊரு, I was interested in the places that are a must eat there. With some initial research and ofcourse with the help of some friends, I marked some places in the maps and started to the city. It’s my Bengaluru 2.0

CTR – the acronym came out of every soul’s mouth who had been to Bengaluru. Especially for their Masala Dosa. I decided to try this out irrespective of the time I come out of the client’s place and no matter how far I am from this particular joint.

It was about 3.45 PM in the evening and the joint was closed. Oh my god! You cannot do this to me. This hurts more than a break-up. Well (no imaginations) my break-up was with the Dosa. Finally the man sitting inside asked to come after 4. Meanwhile, I was checking my Facebook notifications and was exploring the Restaurant opposite to this place. The time moved to 4.03 PM.

That’s all. CTR was fully occupied. I literally had tears in my eyes, rolling down. Who are these people? Where did they come from? Why are they so mad about this place?

At that juncture, I realised Facebook is fucking. Absolute fuck. Your real time enemy. What a mess it had created within 3 minutes and that’s 180 seconds. Shit! Then waited with another man who was looking for a single seat. Ok we both are single only.

I got a seat near that server in the above picture. I searched for the menu and found it to in Kannada. Helpless totally! Fine let’s ask the server and he shall tell me. Of all the options, he stressed more on 3 things, but the stress for Masala Dose (read as dosey) was D. O. P. E!

1. Benne Masala Dose – INR 50/-

You can find the masala happily covered with the ghee & batter. It stayed safe as the child in the mom’s womb. This was the moment. The ghee was present 150% in the dosa and 100% on the banana leaf that carries the dosa. Served only with 2 Chutneys, you will not feel for a Sambhar. Yes take my word.

The dosa was so transparent and crispy that you can literally bite it like you do with the அப்பாளம்ஸ். Such was their care and dedication to every dosa that came out of the kitchen. Hats off People. The best Masala Dosai I have ever had since my existence. I shall surrender to Bengaluru for this! Totally worth for the price and the ghee that it holds.

See for yourself the crispiness in the picture below.

2. Mangaluru Bajji – INR 30/-

New Woodlands is one of the very few hotels in Chennai that serves Mangalore Bonda in the evenings. Some parts of Bengaluru call the Bonda of Tamil Nadu as Bajji. Nevertheless, I will eat it if it’s food.

Great snack/tiffin for the evenings. Must have here in CTR. I was not able to eat more than 3 of these. I wasted one 😦 all because of Masala Dose. Fits your pocket.

3. Coffee – INR 15/-

I am a coffee addict. I would definitely need 2 cups of caffeine to run through the day. That’s my boost. If I don’t get it, that’s it I m gone. To end the evening with a caffeinated note, I ordered for a coffee and proceeded to my room.

The bill was exactly 100 with GST 5% (inclusive). I haven’t scored a 100 even in my school/college exams. Ok God has been kind here 😛

I still have Food Nirvana, MTR Lalbagh, Annapoorani Indiranagar, etc. in my list. Will post them as soon as I get time. Please do follow and post your comments below. Thanks 🙂

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  1. 😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎💃💃💃💃 (when you don’t find words to express what exactly you feel) 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    1. MS says:

      Exactly 🙏

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