Prive Restaurant, Mylapore

The date of the post should have been Dec 03, 2017. Due to various internal and uncontrollable reasons, it kept postponing and finally here it is. Prive Multicuisine Restaurant, that is off Dr. RK Salai on Rajasekharan street. Another major landmark in the street is that it’s very near to the Madras Central office. Do check out both when you have time.

1. Cream of Tomato – INR 189/-

We are a family of 5. 2/5 would have been so stingy and hence 3/5 was ordered. It was okayish and was not that great. Overpriced and this doesn’t suit me.

2. Nachos – INR 255/-

Originating from Mexico, this dish is made with horrible combinations and is brutally raped in other places. Please do let me know where you get a genuine Mexican nachos. The one served here was above average. One of the few costliest mistakes in my dinner. Definitely overpriced!

3. Gobi Manchurian Dry – INR 275/-

Need I say more again of this cauliflower Bajji doppelganger laced with onions and some Vegetable leaves. The best part is some people eat this as gravy. I tasted gravy once and decided never should I have this again in that form. Overpriced again!

4. Tandoori Roti – INR 70/-, Butter Naan – INR 89/- & Stuffed Paratha – INR 115/-

What family dinners teach you – sharing. The five of us didn’t have time to do various permutations and combinations but quickly grabbed the ones that came our way. This basket (see pic below) is one of the Heroes of the day. Pricey but ok!

5. Veg Kofta – INR 335/-

I love koftas. I crave for koftas. We (they left me when voting) decided not to have Paneer for the day and hence ordered this. They tasted great. It went on well with the Paratha, roti, naan and also the Biryani. Wow! Great one and must try. Overpriced though!

6. Vegetable Dum Biryani – INR 375/-

Hero of the day. I totally loved this. The quantity was good enough for 3 people and there were only 3 to eat when this arrived. Other two were done already. No more explanation needed. Costliest of the day too.

7. Hyderabadi Veg – INR 295/-

I don’t have a liking for dishes that look greenishly green. Yet because this was ordered, you have somehow make way for it to enter your tummy irrespective of who pays for it. That’s what we are taught. Never waste food in any form. Order paniyachu .. thinnu thane aaganum moment. This wasn’t bad. Good. Jelled well with Biryani.

8. Hot Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream – INR 269/-

This is my first encounter with this sizzling hot chocolate poured over the vanilla ice cream that sits happily atop a brownie. Tasted just blissy. I had a piece of the brownie with that chocolate dip and it was Vera level sathyama. Must try. Pricey!

Video link:

9. Hot Chocolate Fudge – INR 210/-

My mom wanted to try this for a long time and we expected it to be in liquid state. It was solid to an extent but crunchy. Not very hot but okayish heat. This is the next step to Vera level and remains at the position below the brownie.

The bill costed around INR 3185/- and GST was 5%. I would rate Prive to be somewhere between average to good. Try it out and let me know in the comments below. I will try to post things ASAP henceforth and not delay.

Thank you!

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