MTR, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Samuha Ahara Beku ? Adu Illide! Illi ba.

After the 1st post on the Bengaluru/பெண்கள் ஊரு I had an office colleague’s reception at Kumbakonam to attend. Another trip within a short notice. The plan was to see the grand Brihadeeshwara Temple at Thanjavur and also the Palace. It was a great trip for a day (Loss of pay you know). Please mind the gap between the 2 Bengaluru Posts. You have another bonus coming up. Read till the last dot.

Facebook gave me great memories. Some to forget, some to remember forever. One such was the Friday Dinner with a celebrity, a fellow Kamal Haasan fanatic. He has a great sense of humour to link the various actions of the politics and events happening around us Memes, movie dialogues, etc. He was working near the Indira Nagar Metro and we zeroed in for the MTR. Present with us alongside was another கோ. ப. செ of the Vishal Reddy Fan Club, Bengaluru (:P). The two were on their greatest form that day in discussing the #Viswasam issue and Cheetah Siva.

1. Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, Indira Nagar.

The closest I could get to MTR was their Rava Idly mix and Puliogare that sold like crazy here in Chennai. Even one of their ads for the same was marvellous in which a granny ejects from an airplane midway and gets in to a Bachelor’s apartment to cook for them. When you hear the word Puliogare, you remember MTR equally as your mom’s preparation. Vegetarian’s Cave.

The outlet was great, infact fabulous I would say. Long pathway with chairs/benches on the either sides for people to wait before or after dinner. It’s always a wait here irrespective of the day you come for dinner. They have retained their customers well enough inspite of this Bengaluru Traffic in all their outlets. Such is their reputation.

The 3 of us.

Bonda Soup – INR 60/-

This was suggested by the FB celeb and it was totally worth it. The Bonda was completely filled with their legendary dhal/Sambhar (I found it’s taste close to dhal). Literally the 1st soup I had since my birth that is not tomato, vegetable or sweet corn. This just blew me off. Totally worth it. Must try here.

Set Dosai – INR 70/-

You can never find any hotel in Chennai that gives a small cup of ghee (prepared by them) to their dishes free of cost. Have my word. The ghee was literally bliss. With their Uthappamidhed dosa and their non Kurma side dish for the same it was the high point of the day. The chutney is asusual their best. Another referral to this place. I borrowed Sambhar from Vignesh and utilised the same for my set dosa. You have to taste it to get Sambhared. Must get Sambhared.

Pista Milk – INR 80/-

After 2 heavy dishes I could sense my movement being slowed down to reach the wash area. Nevertheless we 3 ordered pista Paal and filled out tummies to end the day. The glass was taller than the usual. It could easily fill 2, but we had one each. Bill came to around INR 650/-. Then we chatted for about half an hour in the pathway outside. It was a great meet at a great place with a fabulous dinner to remember forever. Thank you Vignesh and Rohit for hosting me.

I shouldn’t write this review as I did not pay the bill. Rohit didn’t even hesitate to give his card. I’m indebted for this Facebook relationship with unknown person literally turning into Surya (Thalapathy 1991). This is not at all possible in today’s world. Big thanks. We shall soon meet for my treat. MTR will forever be etched in my memory.

I am visiting Bengaluru again during December 2017. This time I have picked more hotels and more good souls to visit. Please comment the must try ones and if possible we shall meet.

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