Ahara aytha? Agillaa .. Bengaluru 1.0

Hello there. Back again with another blog. This time it’s பெண்கள் ஊரு/Bengaluru.

I was just back from Vizag and decoded to have some home food for the week in Chennai. Sudden e-mail from one of the leading PSU’s in Bengaluru made my TL2 to put me on an official trip to the place. Without further ado, I started in Double Decker, one of my favorites since childhood (I always wished to go in 18A double decker bus but couldn’t).

Recommendations from my Facebook friends gave me various options to try out during the visit. Finally the schedule was made and I dines with one group per day. It was great and I was filled completely with the traffic, Namma Metro, the people, the Hindians and finally the Masala Dosa.

1. Vidyarthi Bhavan, since 1943 – Gandhi Bazaar.

After September 3rd, I met him here and we zeroed in for Vidyarthi Bhavan. This was about 15 minutes from the National College Metro. An easily walkable distance when you go with friends. We reached there before 7.30 pm and hence sat inside with 2 others (males obviously). Asked the others about the different specialities here and they suggested 3 items. Please note that there was no Sambhar served.

Masala Dosai – INR 43.81/-

The hero of the day. Mixed with the right amount of butter and served with 1 chutney minus the Sambhar, this was the hero of the day. The server brought in about 15-18 plates of Dosai in 2 hands and served it to all the tables. That was Wow. Just Wow.

Rava Vada – INR 24.76/-

I hate upmas especially Rava upma. But this here was the other special item available as per the suggestions. It tasted great with that chutney and we absolutely loved it.

Khara Bath – INR 24.76/-

Rava Upma but without any added flavours. I had my opinions changed about the rava upma and I think I would start eating my mom’s upma henceforth. But without the Sambhar, all the dishes had something missing. Hailing from the South, sambharished dishes are our daily drivers. Ok. We have to accept it. GST is at 5% after the new revision.

2. Brahmin’s Tiffin & Coffee – Jaya Nagar.

Having a Metro card is an easy way of communicating or negotiating with the Bengaluru Traffic. You can easily ask for a lift to someone to drop you at the nearby metro. This place is about 20-25 mins walk from the RV Road Metro. You can graze through the beautifully planned roads filled with early morning fresh air that lead to this place. The traffic inside the hotel is unusual. People are standing in a queue to get to the bill and then get hands-on their favourite. Self – service is only encouraged.

Kesari Bath – INR 20/-

That’s me with one of the deeply buried cashew that was excavated after a plate wide search. It was great for the price that it came with. Being GST inclusive, you cannot afford to lose it.

Idly (single) – INR 10/-

I m single. So am I dude – the idly replied. Single idly and single Mani made the best pair. No Sambhar served. But the amount of Chutney is more than the number of people shifting lines in Majestic Metro. You can ask for any number of reserves and immerse yourselves into it.

Khara Bath – INR 20/-

On first look it does seem like you are having Kesari with chutney. But that’s not the case. This is upma again served with a flavour. I surrender myself to the one who makes it this tasty. You can have my word (:P).

Coffee – INR 10/-

Last but not the least. How can you not be a coffee lover ? Bengaluru is full of coffees, traffic and people. Caffeine is my daily starter. The day won’t be live if I don’t have a shot. You cannot afford to skip this place at all in Bengaluru.

Version 1.0 gets over. Wait for the 2.0 in sometime. May be within a week. Thank you.


#MS – http://www.facebook.com/mani.sriganesan & http://www.facebook.com/epomesoruthan

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