OSB Hot & Chat, West Mambalam

Bharathi Mess was highly appreciated for its quality and quantity and it did stand up to it’s name. Being a marketer, I am most of the times out of my office (ஊர் சுத்தனும்) and get to go to places I haven’t heard of in Chennai and outside Tamil Nadu. I visited Rajahmundry, Kakinada and Visakhapatnam the same way and it was a great experience.

When in Chennai, I go out locally and my colleague stays near Arya Gowda road, West Mambalam. Luckily, he hasn’t tried OSB on Lake View Road and I convinced him for the evening.

The place is now refurbished I would say. Earlier in 2016 it was all self service and we had chairs so that we would collect our food and go sit and eat and chit chat. Now they have self service outside and the serviced area in A/C (INR 10/- extra from the non A/C).

1. Samosa Channa – INR 50/-

Right amount of channa and exactly 1.05 samosas are put and mixed with the watery masala of the channa and served with corainder, omapudi, onions and tomatoes. What I like in this is the Sweet and the spicy sauce they serve with. Great!

2. Cheese Pav Bhaji – INR 75/-

Usually I have seen the rate of this around 90 at all places. Here it’s 75! But the thing here is I was busy eating the Bhaji with the carrot – cucumber spoon (we use it as a spoon right!) and was searching for the cheese in the pav. The best ever I had was at Sardar Pav Bhaji, Mumbai near the Haji Ali Durgah. It’s not that great here. The Bhaji tasted great here but the cheese was just sprinkled for namesake, that too along the sides of the pav. I was thoroughly disappointed!

3. Bread Pakoda – INR 40/-

The best ever I had so far in Chennai. It had the Masala, the 2 great sauces and of course the corainder leaves and Ompudi particles. This is the best thing I have had today. It just safely made its way to my heart rather than my tummy. Wow! Just wow! Great work OSB.

4. Paneer Tikka – INR 120/-

The costliest of the lot. It’s actually paneer ticka and not paneer Tikka. Please note the change. True to the spelling mistake, this was the costliest mistake in the evening tiffin experience today. It was just okayish and not to the level I expected it. I would have been satisfied if this at least gave 50% of what Pind did. But it didn’t. Sorry OSB. I disliked your version of the dish that I love more than my heart beat. You can easily spot the excess pepper that should be filtered with the filtration process and the paneer should be separated from the onion that are about the size of a Rubik’s cube. Served with Pudhina chutney and mayonnaise, the Mayo tasted good with bread pakoda than with this. Try it out peeps.

Above all they have a 2% extra in case of card payment. Narendra Modi please see what you can do for this when I pay my IT.

Thank you for coming this far. See you again I another post.

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Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/epomesoruthan



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