Bharathi Mess, Mylapore

Shyam’s Bombay Halwa House was uploaded on Oct 28. மழை and Office Tour played basketball in the my life. I badly wanted to have dinner at a new restaurant and write about it. The wait for 19 days has finally come to an end and here I am.

Bharathi Mess. This is a branch of the famous Triplicane outlet that was featured in a Madras Central video in YouTube. The one in Mylapore is just 9 months old. The owners were influenced greatly by பாரதியார் and hence the name. The walls greet us with titbits about the famous man and his moments especially the one with his family.

The Restaurant is purely vegetarian and they don’t even use Baking Soda, Palm Oil and Ajinamoto as displayed in their name board. Located near the main entrance of the Kapaleeshwaran Temple and opposite to the Jannal Kadai on Ponnambala Vadhyar Street. The menu is displayed outside and the service is prepaid, kinda self service. Get the bill and then proceed to the dining area.

1. Idiyappam Vadakari – INR 40/-

I still weep for not knowing what Vadacurry/Vadakari is until the age of 16. I haven’t tried it until then. Now the craving for Vadakari is more like the one for Paneer. You just can’t give it up. It’s like the selfie that some cannot live without. Such is the impact this has created. Rightly priced and upto the mark, this was bliss. You cannot expect more than this. I even asked for extra Vadacurry and the waitress was kind enough to bring another cup (even after getting 2 cups initially). You get 3 pieces of idiyappam and this serves 1.

The Vadacurry slides into you along with the idiyappam like the Mysorepa of Sri Krishna Sweets. Its fabulous.

2. Bread Masala Dosai – INR 48/-

Never heard of this dish until I joined my previous workplace, Studio 31. I had it in a hotel at Kodambakkam and it tasted great for INR 45/-. Having it here after a big gap and I was reminded of the ex-work memories. Being a South Indian, Dosai is an integral part of your ecosystem. You cannot live without it. Served with 3 Chutneys and a great Sambhar that’s good enough that you won’t ask for the 2nd time as the quantity exactly lasts upto the last particle of Dosa. Bread is the dish that’s served when you don’t have time and on a rush to office. Bread is served when you are sick and have a rocket waiting to launch inside your nose. Bread in other forms is served when you go to Subway. Bread sandwich is the best scandal for selling X priced item at 5X rates. Bread is everywhere. I found myself enjoying this too much than expected because the bread was finely roasted and it gelled great in the masala. Definitely worth the price and this serves 1.

Zooming in the bread particles.

Being a OnePlus Fanatic, this blog is being done alongside (having no idea) about the OnePlus 5T launch. 

That’s me with the வடைகறி *Thinking about the impossible cupid strike that might happen*.

The full view of the restaurant.

For more photos of the Restaurant please message me here or leave a comment in my post here – &

I forgot to share you one other info. The post on Charvan Thattu Idly featured on Google Search. I was completely swept by this news. Can’t thank you guys enough. God bless you all.



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