Shyam’s Bombay Halwa House, T. Nagar

Hi there people. Yes, I was out for a while because of personal reasons and back again. Nice to meet ya.
One of my distant relative who turned up as friends after meeting up at two weddings in Bombay came to Chennai and we decided to meet for lunch. Incidentally this hotel was near the place of her stay. It seemed to have good reviews among the social crowd and most importantly it had a great name for Paneer. Why leave it! Let’s meet.

The hotel is on Govindu Street, 2 streets away from the North Usman Road GRT. There was a queue and we had to wait for 10 minutes to get a table. When I visited there last time around 2015, it only had the ground floor and was great. Now they have expanded to the first floor and yet the queue is still pouring in since it’s a weekend. The girl knew Hindi and asked some to the person who took names for the table. Hindi ithukuthan use aaguthu pola. Jain food is served on request. Great!

Going away from the usual trend, we ordered main course and were glancing at the menu card for a long time. Had some doubts regarding the starters and got it cleared with the waiter. Then we told them to hold on the main course and bring the starter first.

Veg Sheekh Kebab – INR 190/-

Great starter that I thought to try as we chose a Paneer dish in main course. Masala of the Vegetables and paneer (in bits though) are mixed and deeply fried. This tasted fabulous. I had more pieces than her and literally with the served green chutney it tasted bliss. Must try. Good enough for 2 people.

Masala Kulcha – INR 70/- & Kulcha – INR 50/-

Naan, Paratha and the other usual templates are always there in any restaurant and I thought to have a mix of both Kulcha and Masala shared. Ordered the same and it was great. With all the ghee overflowing through some areas of the kulcha and corainder cut into tiny particles and sprinkled over, the stuff present was a good amount.

Paneer Tikka Masala – INR 190/-

The main star of the day is finally here. Paneer tikka masala with the red capsicums cut into big pieces and it was fully immersed in the red gravy. Paneer pieces were large my god! It was size of 2 Faber Castle erasers. The butter over the gravy made me dive into it completely. Wow! Tasted excellent and I wasn’t disappointed. Good job team! There was still some gravy left and you know as a south Indian we generally, finish it off. I ordered a plain roti (INR 25/-) and finally the gravy went into our tummies till the pre-last drop.

No going to the page of rice and noodles. We were full. Done! Bill costed us INR 620/- with 18% GST. She paid the bill. I m lucky for the 2nd time.

I literally have no idea when the next blog would be put/where am I going next. Please do suggest some places. Thank You for the continued support and hope to see you again at a different place next time.

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*That’s me with the Paneer*

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