Navrang, TTK Road

The meet with a friend through Facebook has been due for long. Surprisingly he has tried this hotel and suggested it to me for dinner (Ala Carte, as buffet was worst there). Headed to this place with him and we got the seats​ as did the MLA’s during the elections. No room for waiting. This part of TTK Road comes under Royapettah to my knowledge and the road next to this hotel is the ever famous Avvai Shanmugam Salai and it was Crazy Mohan’s birthday a few days back. Nice!

No wait. Get in. Choose a table. Sit. See the menu. Order. We didn’t want to go with the soup as it’s always becomes a templated dinner. Direct starters. Paneer is all I need today and we banged on it.

1. Paneer Shanghai Dry – INR 130/-

Paneer roasted to some extent and put into the onion capsicum mix. This makes a good starter and we started talking the things that were dated two years. Wow! The talk with your friends just lifts your spirits​ and feels fresh.

2. Achari Paneer Tikka – INR 180/-

After my Pind episode, I wanted to try out Paneer Tikka to see if you get the same taste elsewhere. No. Not at all. Pind is always Pind. Period. This tasted good and I felt the cost is slightly higher than it should have been. Served with pudhina chutney & raw onions nicely cut. Tomatoes are okayly cut. Tasted good but pricey.

3. Phulka – INR 20/-

The only item that’s priced correctly in the order. Wanted to try out just a normal phulka without any oil and butter. People think this is another way of reducing weight. Dudes, seriously no. Unless you close your mouth before you take the food, the weight won’t reduce. Good! (He ordered pudhina paratha)

4. Stuffed Capsicum – INR 200/-

Thoroughly overpriced. Paneer particles are mixed with the masala and placed inside the capsicum touching its inner walls. Wow! This tasted heavenly. Excellent dish that goes with breads as well as the rice. By far the best I have had in a while in the stuffed series.

5. Schezwan Fried Rice – INR 120/-

Always wanted to try this but missed it a lot of times. Hence tried this and finally it tasted good. Not too spicy or too sweet. This has the right mix of spice and the amount was good enough for 2 people. I had about 3/4ths of it and he had the remaining. Along with the stuffed Capsicum this went inside too!

The bill came to INR 700/- and the prices are GST inclusive. Do try this place when you cross Avvai Shanmugam Salai/Music Academy. Thank you! See you again at a different place with a different menu.

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