Charvan Thattu Idly, Mylapore

747 was just over and the body turned to normalcy. There was a new shop opened near the Valluvar Silai bus stop and  from people occupying tables randomly for some time, now it just flooded with the crowd for just that aroma of this place! Wanted to try this and informed my mom. What’s next! Packed to the place.

Located just 10 seconds off the bus stop, this was started on August 2017. Next to this place there is a new outlet of Lassi Shop. It’s a jackpot if you have your dinner here and finish your day with a good lassi (I haven’t tried it yet. Sure will do). The place is small, oh come on it’s just started. Don’t expect too much. The wash area is outside. There are 2 tables inside and 2 outside. Self – Service and parcel services are offered. The timings are from 3 PM to 10.30 PM. Enna kootam Da saami. Mudila da. You forget all the sweat when you can smell your order coming to you and you have been waiting for this for say like 20-25 minutes. The waiting​ time is worth it.

Full menu & New Menu


1. Thattu Idly – INR 35/-

Just 1 idly about the size of the well flatly placed omlette, it is dipped in the milaga podi, laced heavily with ghee (yes you read it right. Ghee!) and served with Coconut & Tomato Chutneys and Sambhar. The Sambhar is bliss with the right mix of garlic and onion. The best I have tasted in some time now. Unlimited sambhars and chutneys are offered. The idly is slightly cool around the circumference and gets hotter towards the centre. Samma soodu daw, naaku venthirchu. Some might have 2 nos of it but I was ok with one. It was great.

2. Italian Bread Dosa – INR 90/-

The new menu was intriguing. Thought of African and Brazilian but went ahead with Italian as I am a fan of thier breads. The Dosa was about the size of the bread. It was placed inside the bread and the bread was fried. The usual Italian mix was placed inside the Dosa. Served along with mayonnaise. This tasted fabulous but I thought​ it’s a bit pricey.

The stomach yearns for food. The mind signals once it’s coming. The heart just melts. This is food. Nothing ever gives you a high the same way you see your dish from the server.

Paid the new 200 rupee note and it costed me INR 125/-. GST is 12% because it’s a Non – AC Restaurant. The price is inclusive of GST.

You have to sweat it out before you get the hands on your order. It’s definitely worth the wait.

Thank you for the unconditional support. Take care.

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Edit 1: Dinner with a Friend for his birthday treat on 09/04/2018

Corn Cheese Dosai – INR 75/-

The dosai was big and it had more stuffing than the entire Saravana Bhavan branches’ masala dosa stuffing put together! Oh my God. This was hell a lot more than I ever thought. It can easily stay with you for days and days. Totally worth the price and you can have this for sure.

My friend had Veg Cheese (INR 70/-) and this is how it looked.

Thattu Idly – INR 40/-

The rate is increased by INR 5/-. The taste remained the same and their Sambhar was to die for. This is the fastest delivered dish in the hotel and you can get it within minutes of ordering. Fast moving. Must try.

That’s the final bill and I gave him company till the legendary 29C made its way to the bus stop. He then bade goodbye and left. We shall meet soon and hope to try at a different hotel.

Thank You.



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  1. Guhan says:

    Thanks for your encouraging review which will make us to serve better

    1. MS says:

      Pleasure is mine 😊 Meet you again there 😍😊

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