747 Themed Restaurant, Thoraipakkam

It’s good to be back within a week. Taking into consideration the fact that my mom instructed me to have some home food and don’t eat unnecessarily outside, I indeed wanted to have little outside and finish off the day with Curd Rice a.k.a Thayir Saadham – the food that’s been following me since ages like 50 B. C.

A friend who came across​ my Tosai video pinged me on Facebook. We chatted and decided to meet, but the meet got postponed and didn’t take off as expected. Then suddenly​ the plan was on .. Friday the 13th Eve at 747 – Boeing (or whatever plane) Themed Restaurant. Nominal charges for 2 people. No appointments (it may be crowded sometimes). Direct entry.

Just 10 minutes away from Metukuppam bus stop at OMR Road, this hotel catches sight. Flights have always been a fascination for me since my childhood. My 1st flight experience was to Hyderabad (it was then with Andhra Pradesh). Then Singapore, Kochi, Sri Lanka, Delhi, Mumbai followed (still have Europe on cards​ for 2018). It always feels as if you board for the first time. The interior and sign boards were all the same as you find in the aeroplanes. Good work team.


Before the order was placed, they served us a welcome dish. It was Mango Salad today. Nicely cut and perfectly flavoured with Chilli powder. Wow !

1. Bhindi Fry – INR 240/-

Paneer Corn was not her cup of tea. We had to order something else and we thought of trying Bhindi Fry (Bhindi in Tamil is Vendaikkai ). Mixed with onion & tomato dices, this was great. The bhindi was rightly fried and it wasn’t black (usually fries turn out black when over fried. So careful watch is essential). Must try here but Pricey!

2. Roti – INR 65/-

Having naan and paneer butter masala is too mainstream and hence roti has become the show stealer to lose your weight (seriously this ain’t all). We ordered two rotis and it was cut into equally shaped 4 pieces. It was good, slightly above the budget.

3. Dum Aloo – INR 250/-

The hero of the day is this side dish/curry. Nicely handpicked baby potatoes that are of the same size and shape (most of the dishes had the same shaped potatoes) are boiled and put into the masala. It was red hot and tasted so damn awesome. For the price this is the best. It can go with Roti, Biryani and every other thing that you need a curry for. Just fabulous!

We didn’t go to the Rice section and winded up for the day. GST is 18% and the bill is attached here.

Thank you guys for the awesome support. Without this I wouldn’t have come this far. Keep supporting. Do comment your views and let me know what to try out next time.

Take Care. Good bye.

#MS – http://www.facebook.com/mani.sriganesan & http://www.facebook.com/epomesoruthan


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