2.0 Green Valley Veg Restaurant, Mylapore

Hey there peeps .. !! 😊😎😍

Been a really long time since the last post at Krishna Restaurant, New Woodlands Hotel. I am back again but with the same hotel from the list done earlier. Yes .. from FB I came to know that the “Dosai Fest” is extended for 10 days and it’s​ getting over by Oct 10.

Enquired about the dinner with mom. She said Rasam and Kara Boondhi. Though it’s a good combination .. I thought for a second and told her it’s the last day at the fest and I shall go there. She said YES 😍😍💗💗

Headed straight to the hotel. Went by walk (Trying to reduce weight you know .. non gymmer 😂) Saw the list and prepared for the war. The DOSA WAR !!!

1. Cheese Pesarattu – INR 40/-

Plain Pesarattu with Cheese applied on the inner sides and served with the usual green, red, white Chutneys and Sambhar. Found it to be okayish. Pesarat is famous in Andhra and so had to try this again in another Restaurant. Bucket list added.

2. Corn Dosai – INR 40/-

This item was listed in the diet section of the list. I had corn months back but wanted to taste this again. Disappointed. The corn is grinded along with the “Ivan Pulichamov” and made into batter. This is then oiled and given as Dosai. Adapaavigala .. emathiputingley da .. Nan corn masala nu la ninachen 😭

3. Veg Chettinadu Dosai – INR 40/-

This is another oxymoron to be added to the English dictionary along with Veg Biryani. Chettinadu but vegetarian. That’s the speciality 😜. Except for the raw onions that were fully spread throughout the Chettinadu masala, the dosai was good and with that sambar this was bliss 😍👌

4. Gobi Masala Dosai – INR 40/-

Finally to end the day with Gobi Masala. I was happy that it wasn’t called Gobi Manchurian Dosai. That’s another scandal listed in my earlier post. Please do read it. I had to wind up because I wasn’t able to eat above 3. Somehow managed for 4. One guy made a record for 21 in this hotel 😱 dei eppdi Da .. 😷 This was good and I would say the best of the day.

Bill – INR 160/-.

Paid it and departed from the place. I am thinking to try the Price Restaurant, RK Salai next time. Waiting for this dengue thing to settle down and hence the fear gets reduced. Take care people. Drink hot water. And also Nilavenbu Kashayam. 😊

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