Krishna Restaurant, New Woodlands Hotel, Mylapore

I do feel from the bottom of my heart for all you readers who wonder, how the hell does he get money .. he goes to a new hotel every week .. and now 3 days continuously. Sincere apologies guys. It all because of the Navaratri. My mom was invited by her sister-in-law and her maternal aunt to their houses.

Nanganallur 😍 is the place they stay and as you all know it’s a big traveller epsiode for a mylaporean 😜. We started late but ended up at the destination in about 35 minutes. Finished up all the usual things there and finally started off with a heavy heart and most importantly a heavy sundalished tummy. See what we were served there. /Ithuku Mela Nan Ena sapdanum/ moment.

My mom: neram 9.30 aachu .. Inime poi sapda mudiyathu veetla .. hotel poidalama .. ?

Me, Bro: Polam .. !!

Mom: Woodlands eh polam .. athan Kita .. 🙂

This part right here is called foodieness. You had dinner the day before at Sangeetha. Last week at Green Valley. The week before at A2B. The week before A2B at Vizag. I am on the brink of explosion. Amidst the talks of the distant cousin brother who is getting married next month and another one getting hitched in February, we arrived at the restaurant.

New Woodlands is one of the oldest restaurants that’s still run and maintained until today. Singer P. B. Sreenivos had a reserved table here for many years. He used to sit here and write lyrics, songs, etc. He was a regular visitor, almost everyday.

We went to the Krishna Restaurant, that’s right at the front. There is another one called Vrindavan (whose Malai Kofta I am a big fan of). The tastes on these two differ. You try out both and decide which suits best 😊.


1. Masala Papad – INR 42.38/-

Average. That’s it. The onion, capsicum & tomato diced vegetables that were sprinkled on the papad was lot spicier than it should be. It looked great on glancing but 😑

2. Butter Naan – INR 59.33/-

After a long time having this usual templatey item. Nostalgic indeed. The butter naan connected with us ever since we learned New Delhi is the capital of India 😜😜. Along with Panner Butter Masala they made us to have it irrespective of the time of the day.

3. Paneer Kofta – INR 177.97/-

The costliest in the order. Expected more as this is the paneer that I have been longing for almost a week now, but it ended up being just ok. The choice of the dish was my brother’s, as he had come for the weekend from trichy. Unable to compete, had to eat this with Naan, Roti and Pulao 😭. Even your wildest enemy should not be punished like this.

4. Veg Pulao – INR 152.55/-

I see you have already started talking about the existence of Veg Pulao and Biryani. It’s all fate. I m a vegetarian. Ordering Biryani was too mainstream and hence we went for this. It tasted great. The dish was the SJ Suryah of Spyder. All the vegetables nicely diced, cashew perfectly roasted, rice particles spearated one by one 😍❤️ this was the show stealer. Must try here 😊

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Hope the next one would be at least a week away. Thank you guys for giving an awesome response for Sangeetha Veg Restaurant article.


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