Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Mylapore

I have been eating continuously for the 4th week now and this is going to be a big problem. Who cares ! “We live to eat .. we eat to live” is the tagline of every Foodie out there. I m no exception 😊

South Mada Street is known for Sangeetha, Vijaya Book House, Ravi Book House, Triplicane Ratna Cafe (new one that’s put up in Geethanjali) & Vasanta Bhavan. All these serve as the landmarks for any store or vegetable vendor located nearby. These are the compasses for the street. Have tried Vasanta Bhavan (👌), Triplicane Ratna Cafe (👎). Wanted to write about Sangeetha and the time has come.

What was supposed to be the daily driver for many people of the area, now seems a bit dull. There is an increase in the rates too !

Asked for the menu card and browsed it throughout. Moi manasaatchi didn’t let me order the Kulcha, Naan, Khaju Masala & Palak Paneer items as it strictly reminder me “Dei naaye Sangeetha la evanachu ithelam sapduvaana” ! Ok .. tiffin only mode on. Also it’s raining dengue outside .. take care people 😊


1. Set Dosai & Vadacurry – INR 75.89/-

Vadacurry was always on my list to try out if it’s available for dinner. This item is for those who would want to feel heavy with a single item. Luckily ordered it and tasted it. Seated with another Thatha who had Kambu Dosai alongside, he was also single 😂. The size of the dosai is cut 😱. Served with 2 Chutneys and Vadacurry, you can ask for extra anytime. Before I could ask for another cup of curry, it got over and I got Kurma as the substitute. You can try it out too. It’s good 😊

2. Poori – INR 62.50/-

The item that always fascinated us since our childhood .. the steam that we play with pricking the poori and getting the fingertips roasted .. making that zzzzz sound .. such a nostalgia poori holds ❤️. To my surprise, the plate had 3 nos instead of 2 (all the other hotels have 2 usually). I surrendered myself to it and couldn’t control the hunger. It was great. The Masala had about 6 cashew nuts and what more is needed. It was raining outside. The poori is hot. The Masala is cahsewed. Blissful 😍

Found the GST to be 12% on the bill.

Ending this with the usual tags 😂

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Happy weekend 😊

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