Green Valley, Mylapore

Newton was a great movie. Wanted to have something after the show, but things didn’t take off. Followed my usual Saturday schedule and bang .. here it is .. The Dosa Fest 👏

A huge thumbs up to this hotel for doing things like these to pull in customers who may turn out to be potential clients soon. Been calling some people to try this out but ultimately ended up going single. All because of Navaratri, the people are busy eating sundals and singing Alaipayuthey Kanna that they don’t want to eat outside. Sha! 😡😤

The fest has the following rules,

*see the pic*

A) Pay INR 200/- and eat any number of items – unlimited or infinity (the Samsung new display too is called as the 1/0 name)


B) Eat any item from the list for INR 40/- (Dosa and Uthappam varieties)

Both rules apply only to a single person. I bet you cannot eat more than 3-4 of these from the list. Having said that and Dosa being the food for all right from Kuruvi’s to the Kurangu’s, I tried 3 from the list (cos mom doesn’t want me to eat outside today) and it’s worth the price tag.


1. Paneer Masala Dosa – INR 40/- 😎

Alas, the craving for Paneer came to an end with this most wanted Dosai. The size was good enough for 1. The hanker for their Sambhar and Tomato Chutney will definitely make you come to this place again. Asked for some extra Tomato Chutney and the dosai just slides your throat. Tasted every piece of Paneer for about 10 seconds extra than usual and ended my long wait for these buddies 😊.

2. Pizza Uthappam – INR 40/-

The Uthappam is cut into 4 (as your regular sized pizza in Pizza Hut) and served with the Sambhar and Chutneys. Cheese is sprinkled over these and if you are lucky you can have it in all the 4 pieces. I had it in 3. It was good and make you full with the thickness. Worth a try in case you would want a Cheese one 😍😊

3. Veg Spring Roll Dosa – INR 40/-

The Masala of the spring roll is made and wrapped with the Dosa. It is then cut neatly and served with the usuals. It was ok. Asked for chat pat Dosa but since it wasn’t available, went with this. Spring Roll fans /I m sorry/!

Most importantly there ain’t GST separately in the bill. It’s inclusive to my remembrance. Attaching the bill here. Do try it out before September 30 and get dosaified 😜


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