A2B, Adyar Ananda Bhavan

The next outing for the week is here. It’s A2B at Adyar that’s right on the MG Road. 29C – the landmark bus from Besant Nagar to Perambur that has all the connections in between right from Bessy to Stella Maris to MOP Vaishnav to Chetpet to Purasawalkam and finally it’s destination.
Every Chennaite must have travelled atleast once in this 😍😎 it’s so great to be associated with a legendary bus for a long time, probably your entire lifetime.
After some unplanned accidents and incidents, WE met today at some get-together and headed to this restaurant cos she was madly hungry 😂 (sorry dude).


1. Kaara Appam – INR 40/-

2 pieces //insert 2 pieces it’s not enough Vadivel Template// that are about the size that’s slightly larger than ping pong balls and served with Tomato Chutney. Tasted ok. Not a big fan of these. Should try somewhere else. See the pic below for reference (please mind the quality 😑)

2. Dahi Bhel Puri – INR 75/-

Highly recommended for people who love this at this price range but to me it’s was average and highly rated. Just another Tom dick and Harry’s Bhel decorated with dahi and coriander leaves. I won’t recommend chat at A2B !

3. Stuffed Kulcha – INR 60/-

It had about 4 pieces and was good enough to satisfy 2 people. We ate it with the side dish ordered though it was stuffed (Vera vazhi .. side dish gaali pananuma ilaya 😜). It was good.

4. Plain Naan – INR 40/-

The only dish that none ever likes to have in any menu irrespective of the place this item is mentioned in the menu card.

// ~: Naan Sapten paa !

Dad: Ena da sapta ?

~: Athan sonnene 🙂 // *Insert Kadhal Sadugudu Vivekh template*

Without much reactions shuttling in your face, this item was gulped piece by piece with the Malai Kofta and taken down completely upto the digestive track. It was average but not so bad.

5. Malai Kofta – INR 180/-

The costliest item of the Dinner. It wasn’t reddish as you get in the Sangeetha but whitish laced with cream. Usually a fan of this dish, this didn’t let me down. This served as the main for Naan and as side for Stuffed Kulcha. The Malai Kofta at New Woodlands Vrindavan is the best as far as I have had. Do check that too.

Too much of food this week. Should eat thorough home food next week .. else I m gone !

By the way, this hotel accidentally gave us an extra Aappam with thengai paal .. we were so hungry that //ethu kidaichalum sapduvom moment// ate it without even knowing that it ain’t for us. Paravala Ena ayida poguthu .. free Thane 😜😛 thank you A2B 😊 You offered us an extra today.


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