Aharam of Visakhapatnam

Breaking away from the trend of eating at the Hotels in Chennai, I had to go for an official trip to Visakhapatnam for about 5 days. I thought of trying out the hotels which are quite famous among Quorians and Googlers, I zeroed in on these places. //Please don’t go away .. scroll down 😇//

1. Sri Sairam Parlour

Located near the Diamond Park, just minutes away from the RTC Complex, this is a treat sweet spot for vegetarians. Every soul on Vizag would direct you to this place for South Indian breakfast and Dinner. This would be better when people on the go for different places do not get themselves sick due to food change. This is homely.


Mix Uthappam (INR 60) –  Diced vegetables such as Cabbage, Onion, Carrot, Beans, Capsicum is mixed and spread well along the diameter of the uthappam. This will have you eat the whole piece for 10 – 15 minutes (served red hot) in case of an average eater and more than 20 minutes un case of a slow eater. You can happily have your tummy uthapied with this in case of dinner.

Plain Pesarat (INR 45)  – No meal in Andhra is complete without you having a Pesarat – plain/upma/whatever. This is the signature dish of Andhra. This Pesarat was rightly roasted and served with 3 Chutneys. All the chutneys were DOPE 😍👌. The Sambhar was available in plenty on call. It literally had the taste of our own state.

Coffee (INR 17) – Yes GST is playing basketball in everybody’s life. The coffee has INR 2 as GST. Every coffee lover’s day is not complete without getting high on caffeine. Atleast they have to get 3/4 cups to get the kick. This coffee is one such hit. No words just bliss. It started to rain in the evenings for 2 days. What more is needed for a #CoffeePorn lover with a headset and #EntemmedeJimikkiKammal on the headsets .. this is unexplainable 😍💗

This hotel is a must try in Vizag.

2. Chandu Sweets

This sweet shop is located in the Underground near the signal of RTC Complex. This is famous for its chat. I didn’t try the sweets. (Sorry 😑)

Order: Samosa Channa – INR 35/-

Not the best of Samosa Channa as far as I had, but this was good. Extra sweet and khara Chutneys (if needed but only once though 😜).

3. RK Beach

Order: Muri Mixture – INR 20/-

The beach is a must visit place in Vizag. The Clouds, the Dolphin shaped mountains, the people, the kids, the sound of MiG’s, the sound of aeroplanes, etc. Along with these you can have this mixture to rightly have your stomach filled for sometime. The mixture consists of coriander leaves, tomato, Onion, Aloo Pakoda, lemon juice, chat masala, pori & om podi. (Sorry no English translation 😛). Right companion for singles .. also a great starter for mingled(s) 😜😛

That was a great time spent on Vizag. You can rightly call this Chennai’s twin. The weather is the same .. reddily hot. There are occasional rains. The place is seen covered by mountains on all sides. Amazing food to explore. Cost of living is cheaper than Chennai. Share autos are more in number than mosquitoes. Telugu and Hindi are the languages widely spoken (maybe made to speak). No broken English speakers too (be careful).

Will catch your attention next time again with another hotel in Chennai or whichever city that comes my way 😊



– images are mine © ok !

Samosa Channa @ Chandu Sweets

Muri Mixture @ RK Beach

Plain Pesarat @ Sri Sairam Parlour

Mix Uthappam @ Sri Sairam Parlour

Coffee @ Sri Sairam Parlour

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  1. Amirtha says:

    Good ….. Paravaalaa naan sonna dishes try panirukeenga tnqqq

    1. MS says:

      Thanks 🙂

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