Lakshmi Bhavan, Mylapore

GST is the game changer. GST is the new future.

All these are true. Not to the government, but to us .. it made us to reduce the visit to hotels. It strikes us hard to think about the 2019 general elections.

The dinner should have technically been a meet-up of my school mate but she couldn’t make it ! (Okay kannu verkuthu moment 😛 )

The hotel that’s been on the South Mada Street, before Surya Sweets for quite a long time made an announcement after GST that the rates will not be affected by GST and shall remain the same.

True to the announcement, the rates are not included in the bill. They have it within the earlier rates (MRP inclusive GST). Pls do see the bill for reference.

Hotels that make announcements like these don’t garner much attention and I thought we should atleast do something to get the work done.

1. Gobi Masala Dosai – INR 95/-

Dosai has always fascinated us and so is Masala Dosai – the king of all. Paneer Masala Dosai was my choice but since I had Paneer in the reception, I thought to try this. Good size and enough quantity of gobi masala spread throughout the inner side of the dosai. The 3 Chutneys – Tomato, Coriander and Coconut are just yum. Tomato is my favorite. Last week tomato had a trending price and this week it came back to the normal state from the excited state 🙂 The Chutneys are a must try here. Though a bit pricey, you can bet on this for sure 🙂

Thankfully this wasn’t the Gobi Manchurian scandal again 😜😜

Google maps doesn’t have this hotel. Better find yourself at South Mada Street 🙂

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