Flower Drum, Adyar

Thank you, Foodies / Humans dedicated to Food 😛 to have helped me cross limits and get to start this blog, and some how come up with a new place, new words (okay not 100% sure though), new dishes, etc.

If it weren’t for you and the people of http://www.facebook.com/epomesoruthan and the friends of http://www.facebook.com/mani.sriganesan, I doubt having come this far.

The one thing that binds us irrespective of any explainable thing is FOOD. That’s what we are here for 🙂 Lets get right into the menu.

Positive feed-backers have mentioned me to try restaurants in places other than Mylapore and I thought this is a genuine request. This time around another friend of mine (Of course a FOODIE :P) referred me to this place called Flower Drum, a Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant in Chennai, that is gaining momentum among the Foodies. They are put up in Egmore as well. Since Adyar, seemed to be a well known place to me from my school days, we zeroed in and went ahead with the plan.

This is my 1st attempt with a restaurant of this scale and had absolutely no clue how would this be, for the only chinese food we know is noodles with a stick in Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee’s films. Being our competitors in Population, we would consider them brotherly and would like to try most of their dishes (except Manchurian which is a scandal, of course you too know it).

My goodness, the ambience was top notch. We went in around 7.15 PM on a Sunday and were lucky to find the restaurant empty. It gets crowded with time goes past 7.45 PM.  You have to wait for about 15-25 minutes. The crowd is okayish, as people have a hard rock time with their family and might sometimes not go well with you when you expect a silent place.

  1. Salt ‘N’ Pepper Corn – INR 298.

Probably the best starter ever for a Dinner. Too good at this place that it make you eat more of it forgetting the price (though GST is in place :P). Totally in love with this, rightly fried with pepper. Probably the only american thing that can be fried :P.  Must Try dish at this place. Serves 2.

2. Dragon Chopsuey (Soft) – INR 308.

Soft noodles served with dragon sauce having diced vegetables and a little paneer. We had to add salt to taste to this and this seemed to be the okayish dish of our menu. The noodles was softer than we thought. The quantity easily served 2 people, but unfortunately we had to pack some and wind up with this.

3. Wonton Wrapped Paneer – INR 298.

The penchant for paneer doesn’t seem to get out of me and I somehow searched the menu and found this. We ordered 1 and it had about 10 rectangular pieces (about the size of the bread sticks in Pizza Hut). Fried completely and wasn’t spicy. Tasted good with tomato sauce. Good enough to serve 2.

This was the second time I find people in the restaurant waiting near the table and asking to serve multiple times. This is a great gesture. Good Work.

Barring the noise by the families, with light music soothing to the ears, the mood is set up and you can enjoy the dinner here, if you are an avid Chinese-er. GST is 18%, it would definitely make you have a second thought for this place. The paintings are sure to catch your eyes and people who are selfie-tic will definitely click 100’s once you go here and add to your insta, fb and whatsapp stories so that your friends and followers may feel Chinese-tized 😛 😛

At your own risk 🙂



Menu Card listing all the vegetarian celebrities


Salt ‘N’Pepper Corn


Dragon Chopsuey & Noodles


The Restaurant


Wonton Wrapped Paneer


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