Nithya Amirtham, Mylapore

It’s been a really long time since, I posted an update. After all these GST gaga’s we decide to go for a dinner at our new favourite hotel, Nithya Amirtham that’s just opposite to the Kapaleeshwaran Temple.

The good thing about this restaurant is that it attracts all the crowd who come to the temple. Being a Vegetarian Restaurant, the crowd comes in handy. This made the other places play with empty tables (Yes I mean Hotel Saravana Bhavan & The Great Grand Sweets & Snacks).

Since yesterday (July 8, 2017) was a Saturday and people are in the experimentation phase with the new born baby GST, we went to the Temple View floor and waited for 5 minutes. Todaiinng.. we got a table.

1. Kal Dosai – INR 45.76

Good enough 2 nos with 3 Chutneys and a Sambhar. Extra Sambhar and chutney on call (no I don’t feel shy to ask). It took me about 6-8 minutes to finish it off. Worth the price. The Sambhar and the Tomato chutney are bliss 😊💗

2. Gobi Manchurian Dry – INR 143.22

While I was still munching with my kal dosai, this came in to my territory. How can you resist when it comes wantedly ? I gulped in with the dosai itself. The quantity was good enough for about 2/3 people depending on the territory sharing pact among the diners, but the price was a bit on the higher side. You have to understand that there is nothing called /Gobi Manchurian/. It’s a scandal. Cauliflower Bajji/Pakoda is modified with Ajinamoto and sold as Gobi Manchurian. Next time please educate someone when they ask you.

3. Veg Pulao – INR 147.46

Cause Veg Biryani is not a Biryani, I decided to order Pulao. I have seen in some hotels where the rice looks white. Here it looked yellowish (turmeric shades). All the rice particles were separated nicely and gave a good bite. It was good. For the quantity, the price is high. INR 110 would be appropriate.

4. Paneer Bhurji – INR 164.41

This is the 1st time I am trying this dish. Made of Paneer and Tomato. This is a must eat for all who want their side dish to be dry without any masala. This goes well with Roti, Naan, Rice and all that comes. This is that one Joker guy in street guy who gets batting for both sides. The more you eat, the more weight you gain. People who want to put on weight eat this twice in every fortnight and grow your fat cells. Since it’s a multipurpose dish I give it a go-ahead for the price.

Summing up the experience, the ambience was a bit noisy due to the crowd, the serving was great. Waiting time for each dish would range between 8-12 minutes. GST is 18%.


Photos of the dishes with the bill is attached. Do check it out. Like for more views 😊

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  1. Neatly written, and crisp too. Good idea to mention price alongside the dish name & review. Good one, keep writing bro!

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