Double Roti, Teynampet

Orders: Double Trouble Burger & Cheese Fries 😊😊

Excellent packaging. Fries were good enough that even 2 ppl can share. It came in a neat box. The name of the item was mentioned atop each packing. Costed ₹ 145.

Double Trouble is the best so far in the burgers that I have eaten since my existence on earth. Good amount of cheese sprinkled and rightly sprinkled in the inside. Costed ₹ 245. A bit on the higher side.

Though I ate it all myself (cos sharing of food is injurious to the person you share with), when you have all the heart to share your food, you might give half to the other person. Double Roti has another branch at Anna Nagar, another timezone of Chennai, people in and around that timezone can try it out. Nevertheless, there is just 1 trade-off for food joints. SERVE GOOD FOOD. People will come directly 😊✌️.

Total amount including the Tax, VAT & Packing Charges came around ₹ 446. Since I was one of the Google Local Guides in Chennai, I got a ₹ 200 coupon and so I had to pay ₹ 246. Now this is a deal .. !! 😊 😎 Thanks Google 😊

Value for Money *With Any Coupon*. Good Food .. !!


Location: Double Roti, 24, Cenotaph 1st St Sri Ram Nagar Alwarpet, Chennai – 600018. 044 3085 3732.

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